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As machinery and equipment grow more complex, connected, and multidisciplinary, the variety of knowledge and the level of expertise
expected from local technicians grows.

There is a severe skill gap between the field’s needs and the available human resources in the market.

With equipment downtime costs rising 30% year over year, business continuity is dependent on scarcely available expert resources.

This combination of high downtime costs, unskilled local technicians, and
limited expert support are becoming a common reality and these
challenges will only grow in the near future.


The Challange

Current AR-based remote assistance technologies address only straightforward challenges, such as simple installations and minor malfunctions, in consumer, enterprise or non-complex industrial environments. These solutions are not suitable for complex systems, which require fine precision.

Existing solutions utilize smartphones or tablets, which can be cumbersome to use, or goggles which are ergonomically uncomfortable.

They provide low resolution, low contrast, and are sensitive to brightness. These solutions are inaccurate and unstable, providing the remote experts with limited guidance and pointing capabilities.

The Solution

PointAR Offers:

  • Mixed-Reality Expert Assistance: Physical, smart pointing system with micro-level accuracy & control.

  • Always visible, always stable, and independent of AR display.

  • Multi-Layered, Rich Media AR Display: Multiple formats including text Instructions, symbols, images, video.

  • FreeFOVTM (Field Of View): Proprietary auto-location of AR elements, allowing free field of view at all times.

  • Our unique system is the only reliable solution for current and future complex environments.

Expert Side

Control & Assist Station


Multiple Experts


Pre-Loaded processes


Side / Technician Side

Pointing Tracks

Multiple Points

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