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Of Teleoperation Solutions

What is POINTAR?

POINT-AR introduces a new mixed reality approach. Our unique solution combines an accurate and reliable smart-pointing system projected directly onto the physical target and uses AR devices together with remote expert support to provide additional information that the field technician needs.

Introducing POINTAR

Teleoperation Expert Assistance

For complex environments

True mixed reality in the physical world

Patented multi-layer option including AR/VR

Absolute precision smart pointing

Physical Smart
Point System

Multi-format information presentation with
optional AR display unit

Live expert teleoperations support with
precision laser guidance

Control & Assist System

Knowledge Base

AI Engine

Addressable Markets





POINTAR is designed to support complex and precise environments where accuracy is crucial and critical.

We can apply our solution in diverse segments such as the automotive, aviation, and industrial sectors where on-site asset operations, maintenance, and prime on-demand support, are paramount.

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